SNAP Church

The SNAP Church originated out of the need for an inexpensive, permanent church structure that could replace a tent or other informal building used by congregations. Although Judea Harvest has helped more than 2700 pastors and church planters with tents, these tents have a limited life span and don’t offer good security for equipment. The SNAP Church offers a permanent structure that is safe, secure, inexpensive, and easy to build.


We dream to provide a highly subsidised permanent structure that can be built in one week, with minimal labour cost, that can accommodate up to 200 people.


In 2015, Judea Harvest built 12 Snap Churches. In 2016, we plan to build 24 in South Africa and another 12 throughout other African regions, resulting in 36 new Snap Churches built this year!

Snap Church Structure

The structure consists of steel columns that stand on concrete plinths. Steel trusses bolted to columns with purlins, carry the corrugated iron roof. The patented steel wall, with a polystyrene core and aluminium coating, is fire resistant, rust free, and provides excellent insulation. Alternatively, walls can be built with bricks.


For more information regarding SNAP Churches, contact Cornelius Mlangeni.

Email or phone 071 316 5971


If the Snap Church doesn’t suit your needs or is too expensive, consider visiting our Tents page.